Sunday, 2 October 2011

She sold me fire

I am hungry. But I am also very shy. I must be more shy than hungry. This is why I just simply can't enter any restaurant and ask any of those charming dishes that tourists are enjoying. They are in groups or in couples. This is a big difference when one makes fool of him self asking something that he has no idea about. The companion shares the guilt. In my case I am the only one being stupid.

I came up with some kind of street market. Smells good. A woman serves boxes with rice. It's not just rice. It has something green on it. I can ask that! I just simply point my finger to one of the boxes and pay! I will smile to cover my lack of Thai! I'll walk a little around and watch how people buy it. No, there is nothing complicated at all. Let's finally eat. Smile.

The woman knew one single word in English. Spicy. Poor woman, she doesn't know how many limes dipped in chili and salt I ate in Mexico. How many sushies hidden in burning wasabi! She thinks that we tourists are weak. I smiled proudly knowing that there is nothing too spicy for me, she smiled knowing that she won.

I remained hungry that day.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Buenos Aires is a dream for all sweet lovers. I asked for coffee and a portion of a cake, but been served a coffee with a quarter of a giant cheesecake. The cake portions here are so disproportionately big!